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What day is it? Oh yeah, Thursday!

on January 2, 2014

The holidays have messed me up a bit lately. Today is not Monday, but Thursday. The girls are back in school and a nice snow is falling. 🙂

The workout this morning was brutal for my arms. Right now, 2 hours later, my forearms are tight!
Warm up
25 Mountain Climbers
10 Burpee
5 Sun salutations

Mobility- shoulder mobility

A- Pull ups, strict, on 90 sec clock
If you can easily do the reps, use a weight belt and add some lbs.
B- 24 min AMRAP
1 lap OH lunges
12 Dips on parralettes
8 burpee
Let’s see, the warmup itself was a workout! The pullups I did use the band for most of them, I’m not able to do a strict pull up yet.
I managed to get 9 rounds done and was working on my 10th but didn’t get the burpees started. Darn! LOL

Today I have to stop at Walmart, work WW at 10:45-12:45, work at the library from 1-5 and then back to WW from 5:15-7:15. Sheesh…thank goodness it’s the last day like that for a long time.

That’s what I know. Enjoy your Thursday!


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