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Lift heavy!

on January 3, 2014

Happy Friday Morning! Busy morning around here. First of all yesterday I weighed in at WW for a 2.2# loss for the week. Good start to the new year. I got up this morning stiff and sore from yesterday’s workout only to be put through more pain today. 🙂

Warm up
side lunge with stretch
Jump pull ups
Squat Jumps
PVC thruster

Skill- Agility drills – we did a lot of side shuffling and throwing a 10# medicine ball to our partner.

A- Hang Snatch, on the min
10×3 – I did the 35# bar and really focused on form. Next time I’ll go up to 40# and see how it goes.
B- For Time
40 Deadlift @ 70%
Every minute 8 push ups – for me 70% is 125# and it was hard. I was the last one done with a time of 5:52 or something like that. I had to do 4 sets of pushups and didn’t want to do the 5th.
After the workout I did 50 abmats and some foam rolling of my legs and back.

Then at 7am I had a conference call until 8:30am! Really! That was way to long to sit around so for the first 60 minutes I walked on the treadmill and the last 30 I spent stretching and foam rolling. Way to multi-task and I figured my boss would be happy I was being active since it was a Weight Watchers call and all. 🙂

I don’t work today, thank goodness. I’m going to laze around the house a bit and this afternoon Hubby and I are headed to Goodwill. I want to look for some more warm shirts, plus I like to look at all their ‘things’ laying around. You never know the bargain you could come across.

Plans for the weekend are sketchy. It’s supposed to be bitterly cold around here and the wind is going to pick up. That means staying inside for me. I do have some options though.

Saturday morning the library is having a breakfast/healthy eating program. My oldest is helping out and my youngest is attending. I may help if need be, but I’ll just read magazines for that hour.

Saturday night is the Fitness Foundry Christmas Party. I may or may not go at this point. Hubby says he won’t go, but I just might.

Sunday is a going away party for a family in town that I know. I may attend that as well.

I’m sure Monday the kids won’t have school since the wind chill will be WAY below Zero. I’ll still have to work of course.

Stay warm and enjoy your Friday!


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