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New coach this morning!

on January 8, 2014
Last night we were informed that there would only be a 4:45am class this morning for Crossfit. Then we got the message that we have a new coach! Tracy, a crossfitter for a few years now has joined the ranks as our coach! She was great today.
Warm up 3 laps
Burpee broad jump
Lateral Bearwalk…
Piraformis walk
Low Lunge (elbow touches floor)
skill- GHD intro, 2×5 GHD sit up from parallel, 2×5 Back Extention
A- Push Press on 2 min
3×5  3×3  3×1
75    85   95%
B- 3 Rounds
1 min Thruster 115/85
1 min Power Clean
1 min rest Score equals total reps
The warmup was pretty long today, but it really warmed me up! We got a new contraption at the gym the GHD, it’s a glute-hamstring developer. It’s harder than it looks.
The push press was pretty tough, I had to go down in weight on the 95%, it was just too much. On the B workout I used 50# and was very challenged with that weight. I managed to get out 85 reps! Not too shabby for me.
I came home and thankfully the girls set their alarm clock and were already awake. It was a bit slow going this morning, but they got everything done before they headed out for the bus. Hubby has left to go shopping so I’m finally alone after several days! Pure bliss….. ;P
I leave in a bit for some shopping before WW. I’m weighing in again today, but TOM started so I don’t have high hopes for a loss this week. My eating has been well though and so has my exercise so I’m happy about that.
I work tonight at the library too, which means I hope I can get to sleep once I get home, 4am comes pretty early!

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