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So sleepy…

on January 9, 2014
I was so tired last night I did not wake up once! Unusual for me for sure. I did go to Crossfit though.
Warm up 3×10
Good Morning
Push Up
Cal Row
Skill- Muscle up Practice
A- Clean N Push Jerk
5×5, 5×3 on the min, work up to AHAP
B- 10 Rounds
2 Suicides
8 Toe to Bar
Today’s workout was pretty good. I didn’t mind the warmup and was better at in than on Tuesday morning. Muscle ups are hard for me, but I’m doing better at them. I did like the clean n push jerk. I can’t go very heavy on it, but my form was spot on. The 10 rounds were so-so. I could tell my hands were ripping up under my gloves on the toes to bar though. I have some wonderful open blisters on my palms now. Should be fun to deal with at work.
Speaking of work, I didn’t work last night. My boss called at 9am to say that the plumbers were in working on the bathroom and it was a mess so they closed the children’s library down. I opted to stay home with the family instead of shelving books in the main library. I do work this morning at 8:45-1pm. We have Baby & Me time this morning which always makes the time go a bit faster. I’m sure I’ll have a lot of books to shelve since we were closed yesterday. I know I need movement to keep my quads loose.
Tonight I work at WW. I did weigh in yesterday, I’m down to 153.4# from 156# last Thursday. Awesome in my book! We had 3 new members and 2 returning members yesterday so we were busy. It was nice to see some familiar faces back at it.
Tomorrow I plan on hitting up the Foundry in the morning and then walking/jogging/reading/whatever on the treadmill in the morning. After that I need to bake bread and then relax a bit. 🙂 Tomorrow night L is going to a dance and her friend’s mom is doing the driving back and forth. Sadly, my 6th grader has more of a social life than I do!
Enjoy your Friday Eve!

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