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More snow for us…

on January 14, 2014
When I got up at 4am I was expecting snow. Thankfully it held off until I got home from the gym around 6am. It’s coming down pretty quickly right now and I had to drive L and her 2 friends to school this morning. Not fun, I detest driving in the snow. Thankfully I don’t work until 1pm so maybe the plows will be out a bit more by then.
Warm up
3 Laps
High Knees
Gorilla Walk
Butt Kicker
Bear walks
A- Strict Pull ups, on 90sec
5-5-4-4-3-3-2-2-2   use weight belt if needed – I did the majority of these with 2 bands on my knee, then Tom caught me and made me reduce it down to one. Way too tough for this chick! 🙂
B- 4 Rounds, increase weight each round
5 Power Clean
5 Jerks
5 Front Squat
5 Hang Cleans – I started with a 35# bar, then went to 45#, then 55#, and finally 65#. It was hard for me for sure.
C- 200 Double Unders – I had to do 500 singles.
The girls are at school and soon I’ll head downstairs to run a bit on the treadmill before I hop in the shower. I work 1-5 and hopefully C has Lego Club after school today. I have a feeling they may cancel it. L is supposed to go to piano, but if Hubby doesn’t want to drive her there we’ll just cancel this week.
That’s what I know. Enjoy your day!

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