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on January 16, 2014
Happy Thursday! I survived work last night! The ‘annoying’ family was in and for about 45 minutes I heard the mother screaming her child’s name over and over. When they left the place was trashed! Bad parenting at it’s best.
Yesterday I also weighed in, down a pound! Woo hoo! I’m getting there. šŸ™‚
This morning came way to early and ended with my alarm clock button not working. So I had to move the mattress, unplug the clock and then pull the battery out while it was beeping! Time for a new clock!
I was happy to get back into the gym this morning.
Warm up
High Knees
Gorilla Walk
Butt Kicker
Bear walks
A- Back Squat on 90 sec 5×7
B- Snatch 5-5-5-3-3-3-2-2 work up to AHAP. 90sec
C- 3 rounds
20 Box Jump
15 Pull Ups
10 Front rack lunges 95/65
5 Bubka
So the warmup was the same as Tuesday, no biggie. The back squat was new, I haven’t done it before, so I started with 45# and then added 10 for a total of 55# and that was plenty to start out with. I like back squat a lot more than front squats. Tom said they use different muscles. On the snatch I did a 35# bar, then I went to 40# and ended at 45#, that too was plenty. I did jump pull ups but really used more upper body to get myself up, I did front lunges with a 35# bar only and my bubkas were just me pulling knees to chest on the rings. I liked it today because I ‘noticed’ I had more upper body strength!
I have to work soon and then I’m hitting the road to Kmart and Walgreens. I’m hoping to walk and read this afternoon if time allows. I do work tonight at WW and can’t wait to see all the lovely people!
Enjoy your Friday Eve!

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