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Feeling the suck…

on January 17, 2014
Wow! Can I just say I sucked at today’s Workout B, sucked!
Warm up
200 Jumping Jacks
Arm/Leg swings
Skill- handstand
A- Deadlift
3×5  3×5  3×5
40    50    60%
B- EMOM 15 min
3 Ground to OH 135/95
12 Push Ups
So, the warmup was fine and so were the handstands. I’m working on balancing away from the wall and I made good progress today. Deadlifts were good too since we did lower percentages, I was at 70#, 85# and then 105#. The suck comes in at workout B. So, I can not lift 95# from ground to overhead so I went with 70# since 80# is my max clean. So, every-minute-on-the-minute we did 3 GtoOH and then 12 pushups. The first 3 minutes were okay and I could get the 12 pushups done. By round 4 I was on my knees doing girly pushups and barely finishing. By the end I was lucky to get in 6-10 pushups before the buzzer went off and I had to lift again. Sucked! I am proud of my hubby though because he did all 15 rounds!
When we left the gym we were heading to our cars and hubby’s phone started to ring. A coworker called to say the train was stopped on the tracks that I need to cross to get home, so I had to drive out of my way to get home. My 7 minute drive home from the gym took about 20 minutes! I called the girls on my way home hoping they remembered to set their alarm clock. Thankfully they did and were moving when I finally arrived at home.
In a bit I’m going downstairs to get some cardio in. I don’t know what I’m going to do exactly, elliptical, walk and read or run. I’ll figure that out later.
That’s it from me! Enjoy your day!

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