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Working on a Friday…

on January 24, 2014
I have to head into work soon. I’m covering a shift for a coworker. I’ve never worked on a Friday before so it should be interesting for me.
Last night I worked at WW and then Cheryl, Brandy and I went out for dinner. It was great to sit and chat with them both!
I made it to the workout too!
Warm Up
Funnel Tag
then Bergener (cln n jerk)…
Skill- Handstand hold, tabata, 10 rounds
A- Clean and Jerk Complex go through sequence as many times in 12 minutes
– Clean Deadlift
– Squat Clean
– Front Squat
– Push Press
– Jerk
B- 21-18-15-12-9-6-3
Ring Dips
Pull Ups
We convinced Tom the trainer to NOT do funnel tag. Instead we had to throw a 10# ball against the wall and catch it 50 times. Then we had to overhead throw the ball at the wall 25 times and finally we played ‘catch’ with our partner for a few minutes and if your partner couldn’t catch your throw you did 5 air squats. My hubby had to do about 15 of them! 🙂
The tabata handstands were tough, the last two rounds were killing my arms, but I made it through.
The final workout wasn’t awful. I use a band to help with the ring dips and I do jump pull-ups. I was the first one done, but I definitely had the advantage. So while others were still going I did more abmats.
I work tomorrow too and at some point I’m taking the girls and their friends to the rollerskating rink this weekend.
That’s what I know, enjoy your day!

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