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No chauffeur today…

on January 30, 2014
Last night I worked until 8:30 and when I got home hubby was asleep. I saw he had his work things out so I assumed he was working today and not going to the gym, I was right. I miss having my ride in the morning!
Warm up
Musical Bear walk
then Bergener Drill …
Skill- Parallette L sit
A- Hang Snatch on 90 sec
5x5x4x4x3x3x3x3 work up to AHAP
B- 4 rounds, 1 minute on each station, count total reps
KB Swings American
Box Jump 24/18
WallBall  20/14
Instead of Musical Bear, we did burpees to Boom Boom Pow by the Black Eyed Peas. Every time they said Boom we did a burpee. They say it a lot! LOL
I’m improving on my parallete sit too. I can hold it a bit longer.
Snatch is always hard, I did get to 45# and left it at that.
My final rounds were 356. I did 35# KB and used the 14# wall ball, which sucked compared to the 10#!
So, Jean, I AM back on track. I got my crossfit done and I have my food planned out for today. I work soon and WILL walk this afternoon on the treadmill. Who knows, I may even jog depending on if I read or watch a DVD.
Enjoy your Friday Eve!

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