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Bitterly cold, but the sun it out!

Good news, bad news….it’s sunny! but…..darn cold out too! I’m tired of winter. Period. Done. With. It. 😛
Yesterday was a DOR for me. My body needed it even though I’m still sore today.
Warm up 3×10
Hip Ext
Roll back into forward reach
Cal Row
Then Sampson Stretch
Skill- OH Squat
A- Snatch 90sec
B- For time
100 AbMat
75 Air Squat
50 Double Unders
40 WallBalls 20/14
30 Burpees
20 Cal Row
10 Bubka
So, there were only 3 of us there for the workout so we did a rowing warmup instead. Snatch, I maxed at 45#. I’m still sore from Wednesday’s snatch. Workout B I got done in under 15 minutes. I had to do 150 single jumps, I used the 14# wall ball (yeah me!) and I can’t do the bubka’s, but got my knees to chest. When I got home I did another 15 minutes on the elliptical since the girls were doing well getting ready for school.
I’m going to work at the library at 9am until I get the books done, I’m hoping by noon. I’m going to work in the back room this time so I won’t get interrupted by patrons checking out. Also the fiction books are much thicker than the nonfiction and should go quicker. After that I’m thinking of heading to Kmart to see how their going out of business sale is coming along.
No major plans for the weekend other than looking at a piano for L.
Enjoy the sun!
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Pull that tooth!

Today L goes to the dentist to get a tooth pulled,  I hope it goes well. It’s not loose, but the adult tooth is coming out the side of her gum. Yuck.
I debated on a DOR today, but went to the gym and worked it out.
Warm up  3×10
Hip Ext on GHD
Roll back into forward reach
Cal Row
then Bergener
Skill- Double Unders
A- Front Squat
3×3   3×3   3×3
70     80     90
B  21-15-9
Snatch 95/65
I’m still struggling on double unders, but our trainer admitted it took her 2 years to get it! I’m only 8 months in. LOL
Front Squat was 75#, 85#, 95# and I got a bit of extra coaching on form, always good.
HSPU (I did NOT kip them), and I snatched 45# which was tough!
I came home and did another 20 minutes on the elliptical and some hula hooping and stretching.
I have some shopping to do before WW, then I come home, eat lunch, pack supper and get L for her appointment. Bring her home and then head to work until 8:30pm. I’m thinking Thursday will be a DOR or an at home workout.
I weigh in again today, who knows what the scale will say. 😛
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Long workout this morning!

Happy Tuesday! I’m feeling pretty good today, so I’m going to roll with it! LOL
Warm up 3 laps
Bearwalk (backwards back).
Laterals (hips low)
Then Sampson Stretch 90sec each side x2
Skill- Kipping HSPU
A- Deadlift 90sec
3×3   3×3   3×3
70     80     90%
B- Back Squat 90sec 5×5 AHAP
C- 15 Min AMRAP
12 cal row
Let’s see….I slept great last night so I was looking forward to this workout. Warmup was typical. I was excited to try the kipping hand stand push up! It was great! I’m hoping to keep improving at them, but out of the class of 8 of us only 2 of us even do HSPUs at all and kipping is that much more fun! 😛
Deadlifts – 130#,   150#, 165#, tough!
Back Squat I got up to 80#!
Then it was already 5:45am and we didn’t row, so some of us stayed late to get it done, hubby and I got 8 1/2 rounds done in 15 minutes. Thankfully L has been setting her alarm clock and getting up early so I called on the way home to make sure she woke up her sister. All was well when I got home. It’s wonderful (and sad) that they are growing up.
I have to hit the elliptical and treadmill yet this year. I have some Diners, Drive-ins and Dives to watch now so it’ll go quicker. I work 1-5 and L has PT Conferences tonight.
Enjoy the day!
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Have a great week!

This is the message posted last night from the trainer!

Have a great week! Train hard, Eat right and sleep tight.

Warm up
Hip Ext on GHD
Roll back into forward reach
Cal Row

then Bergener Clean

A) Push Press 90sec
3×3    3×3    3×3
70      80      90%
B- For Time
30 Power Clean 115/75
30 Hang Clean
30 Jerk
30 Burpees

The warmup was normal and so was the bergener clean.

My push press was 60#, 70#, 75# and not too hard.

Workout B was harder. I did not do the 75#, instead I did 60# and it was hard on my forearms. I finished in just over 9 minutes I think. After the workout I did a few abmats and chatted while hubby got changed for work.

In a bit I’ll hit up the treadmill and then shower up.

Yesterday I made homemade crunchy granola bars for the family. Yum! Then we made homemade granola. I did have some of them yesterday, but I accounted for them and did NOT binge on them. Then later in the day L wanted homemade cinnamon raisin bread. Sadly we didn’t have time to do it from scratch so we put it in the bread machine. Well, it destroyed the raisins! LOL! We searched, but they were mushed up. I told her this weekend we’ll do it the traditional way where you roll up the cinnamon and raisins inside the bread so it has a swirl when you cut into it. She’s excited!

No other news to share. Enjoy your Monday!

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Sunny Sunday!

Good morning!

Yesterday was a DOR for me. Hubby and I went to get our taxes done and we’ll know more about that later in the week. Then we went to Costco and Woodman’s in Sun Prairie. I don’t need to go to Costco ever again. Nothing was horribly cheap and they didn’t have a lot of healthier foods besides produce. Anyway, it was nice to go there and check it out and find out it’s not for us. Woodman’s was much better, more variety, cheaper prices (or the same as Aldi’s) and we came home with all the necessities.

This morning I got in a solid 30 minutes of running on the treadmill! 6.0-7.0 MPH is where I kept it at! I’m going to walk and read this afternoon too.

C is still at her friend’s house. Yes, we let her have a 2 night sleepover! I don’t think I’d do it again though, I miss that kid! We are going to get her at 9am. Even L misses her. 🙂

Today I need to…

  • Read
  • Relax
  • Bake English Muffin Bread
  • Make homemade granola bars
  • Make homemade granola
  • Plan meals for next week.

This coming week….

  • Monday – Fitness Foundry, treadmill/elliptical at home, work at library, piano for L
  • Tuesday – FF, treadmill/elliptical, work at library, Lego club for C, parent teacher conferences for L
  • Wednesday – FF, treadmill?, work WW, L gets a tooth pulled, work library
  • Thursday – FF, work library, treadmill?, work WW
  • Friday – FF, treadmill, work library on extra project



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School today!

Happy Friday!

I skipped the gym today and hope to go tomorrow. I slept until 4:30am and then hit the elliptical and treadmill at home. I may walk this afternoon a bit too and read. I feel okay taking it a bit easier today. 🙂

I’m going into work today at the library to work on scanning in all the Teen books and magazines. My idea, plus it’s extra money and it satisfies my OCD for order and cleanliness! LOL

C is going to her friend’s house after school today and L is having 2 girls overnight here.

Tomorrow hubby and I get our taxes done in the morning and then are going to Madison in the afternoon.

No major plans for Sunday. 🙂

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School is 2 hours delayed this morning. I still have to go to work! 😛
Warm up 3 laps
High Knee
Piriformis walk down Knee to chest tuck walk back
Then Bergener
Skill- Bubka, Pyke, Lever
A- Front Squat
3×5   3×5   3×5
65     75     85
B- 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1
Ring Dips
Pull Ups
The warmup was the same at Tuesday. I can’t do the bubka and it hurt my ab so I didn’t do any more after that.
Front squat was 70#, 80#, 90# Tom was impressed that I was up to that weight.
HSPUs were pretty weak today, I didn’t go very deep into them, my arms weren’t feeling it.
Ring dips I used a band, but not the thickest one. 🙂
Pull ups were jump pull ups for me, I got done in 12:30 minutes or so.
I work 8:45-1pm today and we may not have WW tonight, depending on the weather.
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I hate coming up with titles!

Good Hump Day morning! The gym was packed with 11 people this morning! Love it!
Warm up 3×10
Sun Salutation
PVC Thruster
then Squat Stretch/Russian BabyMaker 90sec
Skill- Muscle up Practice
A- Deadlift 3×5  3×5  3×5
65    75    85%
B- EMOM  18 min
3 Clean N Jerk 135/95
6 Push up
9 Box Jumps
The warm up was Monday’s. I did the first round of the hard bridges and then switched to the easy version. My trainer Tracy told me my Russian Baby Maker pose was the best! LOL I told everyone to stop looking at my babymaker! 😛
Deadlifts were 115#, 130#, 150#, tough towards the end for sure, I was dropping the bar from the top instead of setting it down. The Every Minute On The Minute workout was tough, but surprisingly I did ALL of the rounds with about 10 seconds to spare in each one! I did 55# on the CNJ, knee push ups (I’m babying my ab muscle, this time it’s the left side of my ab) and instead of box jumps I did step ups, again my ab was not feeling it. I was a sweaty mess afterwards and felt worked out!
I’m going shopping soon, working WW and then coming home to walk ‘n’ read. I want to finish up my book. I work tonight at the library and I’m hoping all the crazies stay home!
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One day down…

Happy Tuesday! I stayed on track with eating yesterday and with exercise. It felt good. 🙂
This morning’s workout was tough again!
Warm up 3 laps
High Knee
Bear walk
Butt Kicker
walk down Knee to chest tuck walk back
Then Bergener
Skill- Kip Pull-up
A- Clean Complex, work up to AHAP, 12 min
Hang Clean
Hang Squat Clean
Front Squat
Squat Clean
B- For Time
26 Weighted AbMat
26 Cleans 135/95
26 T2B
26 Deadlift  135/95
26 Dead hang Pull Ups
26 Cal Row
The warmup wasn’t too bad today. I did practice kips a bit more, but still can’t pull myself up.
Workout A I got to 55# for my max. Workout B took me 12:00 on the nose. For the weighted abmat I used 15#, for the clean and DL I did 55#, toes to bar was knees to chest, dead hangs I used a band and rowing was normal. My hands are sore and my forearm muscles are jacked up from that workout! I’ll hit the elliptical/treadmill again this morning like I did yesterday. Then I have to go out and shovel a bit since the snow plow came through when I got home from the gym.
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Oh vey, I shall NOT take 2 days off from exercise again!

This morning’s workout was rough! The warmup alone was going to kill me. I took the entire weekend off from exercise. I haven’t done that in years! I started to feel pretty yucky on Friday afternoon and I just decided to lay low.
Another week begins! And again I ask you to give your best. Remember, you get out what you put in… maximum efforts get maximum results.
Warm up 3×10…
Sun Salutation
PVC Thruster
then Squat Stretch/Russian BabyMaker 90sec
Mob- Hip Flexor
A- Push Press  on 2min
3×5  3×5  3×5
65    75    85%
B- 21-15-9
Row Cal
SDHP  85/65
So the warmup was long, 10 minutes or more to get through it all. On the push press I did 55#, 65#, 75# and felt pretty strong.
Rowing was fine, the sumo deadlift high pulls are pretty decent, but the thrusters suck! I did 50# and it was a challenge for me today. I am proud that I’ve moved up to the 14# wallball instead of the 10#, even Tom the trainer commented after the workout that he was impressed with me moving up! I finished workout B in just over 20 minutes! It was hard, I was sweaty and I felt like I ran a ton of miles super fast! LOL
So my eating was poor this weekend, yesterday was better and today will be better yet. My upcoming week….
  • Monday – FF, treadmill, work 1-5, cancelled piano due to 6″ of snow we are supposed to get
  • Tuesday – FF, treadmill, work 1-5, Lego club for C
  • Wednesday – FF, treadmill, work WW and weigh-in (ugh), work library 5-8:30
  • Thursday – FF, work 8:45-1, treadmill, work WW
  • Friday – FF, treadmill, rollerskating at night
  • Saturday – FF or workout at home, meet with tax guy, go to Costco
  • Sunday – rest 🙂
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