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We made it to the gym on a Saturday!

on February 1, 2014
Last night we went to Fitness Foundry around 7:15pm to witness the burpee challenge. Our gym challenged us to bring in items for the food pantry and for each item our trainers would do a burpee. It was a total of 370! No way I could do that many. We got to watch about 15 minutes before we had to leave to pick up the girls from the dance. We asked Tom this morning how long it took and it was just over 30 minutes. They did great!
Warm up
Musical Bear
then Bergener
Skill- Agility Drills
A- Bench Press 7×5  on 90 sec
B- 50 reps
burpee/push-up/jumping jack/sit up/handstand
For our warmup we rowed since there were only 4 of us there and we have 4 rowers. On my bench press I maxed out at 70# and could only complete 4 reps and the final rep Lani had to help me out! The 50 reps was tough! It took me over 23 minutes to get it done. We had to do one burpee, then a pushup, then a jumping jack, then a sit up and finally a handstand! 50 times! I did it in chunks of 10 and took a 5 second breather.
Soon we are headed to the library for their February program. Then the afternoon plans are still up in the air. There are several things to do, we just don’t know what’s happening yet. 🙂

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