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I hate Sally!

on February 6, 2014
Happy Thursday! I got my butt to the gym!
Warm up
PVC Fran
then arm leg swings
Skill- Rope Climb practice, try legless
A- Weighted Pull Ups on 90sec
B- Back Squat 5×5
C- Flower by Moby, Thrusters 95/65
Let’s see…rope climb, yeah, I haven’t climbed it since last summer or fall. I’ve been having a huge mental block when it comes to doing it. Today my coach Tom encouraged me to get to the top and you know what? I did it! I need to stop wussing out!
Weighted pull ups are another story. I still use the band to pull myself up since I lack the strength do it with just my arms.
Back squat was pretty good, I stopped at 70# on that today.
Flower by Moby….what can I say…I HATE SALLY! Whenever she went up we went up, whenever she went down so did we….let’s just say it’s 3 minutes of hell that had me yelling that I hate Sally!
Since the workout was pretty short I did 100 abmats before we headed home.
I weighed in yesterday, not great, up .8# to 155.6#…I doubt I’ll see 152# next week even if I stick to my plan pretty well. Eh…
I work today until 1pm and then again tonight at WW. I WILL walk on the treadmill between those two jobs.

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