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Brr….when is it going to warm up?

on February 8, 2014
Okay, I’m sick of waking up every morning to go to the gym and seeing it’s only -5 or -8 or worse! Seriously, warm up already!
I did make it to the gym today though, weather complaining and all! 😛
Warm up
Invisible Fran
then Arm n leg swings
Skill- Agility drills
A- Bench Press on 90sec
B- 13 Min AMRAP
100 WallBall 20/14
90 DU’s
30 Chest to Bar Pull Ups
Today my max bench press was only 65#, but I’m good with that. I just wasn’t feeling going for 70# again.
The 13 MIN workout was brutal! I did my 100 wallballs, but only used the 10# ball. I had to do 270 single jump ropes and 30 jump chest to bar pull ups. I did manage to get 78 more wallballs done before time ran out. It’s a long hard workout!
I should walk and read this afternoon too to get a bit more cardio in for the day. Otherwise I’ll exercise tomorrow morning instead of taking the day off. I’m determined to have a good week and weigh in on Wednesday closer to goal than I was this week.
Enjoy your Saturday, I hear we are in for some snow. 😛

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