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It was hoppin’ at the gym today!

on February 11, 2014
We had 11 people working out today! We haven’t had that many people in ages. It was so much fun!
Warm up 3 laps
Full length of gym
Bearwalk, bearwalk backwards back.
High knees
Skill- Bubka, Pyke, Levers on rings
A- Push Press
3×5   3×5   3×5
40     50     60%
B- Back Squat 40 Reps without putting bar down, 135/95
C- 16 Min AMRAP partner, I go U go 250M row
The warmup was a lot longer since they added another 8′ to the length of the lap we do. I still suck at Bubka. 😛
Push press was nice and easy and the back squats weren’t too bad either. The rowing was pretty good, I ended up rowing 2000M total. I have a DVD I’m going to try to watch when I do some cardio this morning in the basement.
That’s it from me, enjoy the day!

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