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Oh vey, I shall NOT take 2 days off from exercise again!

on February 17, 2014
This morning’s workout was rough! The warmup alone was going to kill me. I took the entire weekend off from exercise. I haven’t done that in years! I started to feel pretty yucky on Friday afternoon and I just decided to lay low.
Another week begins! And again I ask you to give your best. Remember, you get out what you put in… maximum efforts get maximum results.
Warm up 3×10…
Sun Salutation
PVC Thruster
then Squat Stretch/Russian BabyMaker 90sec
Mob- Hip Flexor
A- Push Press  on 2min
3×5  3×5  3×5
65    75    85%
B- 21-15-9
Row Cal
SDHP  85/65
So the warmup was long, 10 minutes or more to get through it all. On the push press I did 55#, 65#, 75# and felt pretty strong.
Rowing was fine, the sumo deadlift high pulls are pretty decent, but the thrusters suck! I did 50# and it was a challenge for me today. I am proud that I’ve moved up to the 14# wallball instead of the 10#, even Tom the trainer commented after the workout that he was impressed with me moving up! I finished workout B in just over 20 minutes! It was hard, I was sweaty and I felt like I ran a ton of miles super fast! LOL
So my eating was poor this weekend, yesterday was better and today will be better yet. My upcoming week….
  • Monday – FF, treadmill, work 1-5, cancelled piano due to 6″ of snow we are supposed to get
  • Tuesday – FF, treadmill, work 1-5, Lego club for C
  • Wednesday – FF, treadmill, work WW and weigh-in (ugh), work library 5-8:30
  • Thursday – FF, work 8:45-1, treadmill, work WW
  • Friday – FF, treadmill, rollerskating at night
  • Saturday – FF or workout at home, meet with tax guy, go to Costco
  • Sunday – rest 🙂

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