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One day down…

on February 18, 2014
Happy Tuesday! I stayed on track with eating yesterday and with exercise. It felt good. 🙂
This morning’s workout was tough again!
Warm up 3 laps
High Knee
Bear walk
Butt Kicker
walk down Knee to chest tuck walk back
Then Bergener
Skill- Kip Pull-up
A- Clean Complex, work up to AHAP, 12 min
Hang Clean
Hang Squat Clean
Front Squat
Squat Clean
B- For Time
26 Weighted AbMat
26 Cleans 135/95
26 T2B
26 Deadlift  135/95
26 Dead hang Pull Ups
26 Cal Row
The warmup wasn’t too bad today. I did practice kips a bit more, but still can’t pull myself up.
Workout A I got to 55# for my max. Workout B took me 12:00 on the nose. For the weighted abmat I used 15#, for the clean and DL I did 55#, toes to bar was knees to chest, dead hangs I used a band and rowing was normal. My hands are sore and my forearm muscles are jacked up from that workout! I’ll hit the elliptical/treadmill again this morning like I did yesterday. Then I have to go out and shovel a bit since the snow plow came through when I got home from the gym.

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