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Have a great week!

on February 24, 2014

This is the message posted last night from the trainer!

Have a great week! Train hard, Eat right and sleep tight.

Warm up
Hip Ext on GHD
Roll back into forward reach
Cal Row

then Bergener Clean

A) Push Press 90sec
3×3    3×3    3×3
70      80      90%
B- For Time
30 Power Clean 115/75
30 Hang Clean
30 Jerk
30 Burpees

The warmup was normal and so was the bergener clean.

My push press was 60#, 70#, 75# and not too hard.

Workout B was harder. I did not do the 75#, instead I did 60# and it was hard on my forearms. I finished in just over 9 minutes I think. After the workout I did a few abmats and chatted while hubby got changed for work.

In a bit I’ll hit up the treadmill and then shower up.

Yesterday I made homemade crunchy granola bars for the family. Yum! Then we made homemade granola. I did have some of them yesterday, but I accounted for them and did NOT binge on them. Then later in the day L wanted homemade cinnamon raisin bread. Sadly we didn’t have time to do it from scratch so we put it in the bread machine. Well, it destroyed the raisins! LOL! We searched, but they were mushed up. I told her this weekend we’ll do it the traditional way where you roll up the cinnamon and raisins inside the bread so it has a swirl when you cut into it. She’s excited!

No other news to share. Enjoy your Monday!


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