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Long workout this morning!

on February 25, 2014
Happy Tuesday! I’m feeling pretty good today, so I’m going to roll with it! LOL
Warm up 3 laps
Bearwalk (backwards back).
Laterals (hips low)
Then Sampson Stretch 90sec each side x2
Skill- Kipping HSPU
A- Deadlift 90sec
3×3   3×3   3×3
70     80     90%
B- Back Squat 90sec 5×5 AHAP
C- 15 Min AMRAP
12 cal row
Let’s see….I slept great last night so I was looking forward to this workout. Warmup was typical. I was excited to try the kipping hand stand push up! It was great! I’m hoping to keep improving at them, but out of the class of 8 of us only 2 of us even do HSPUs at all and kipping is that much more fun! 😛
Deadlifts – 130#,   150#, 165#, tough!
Back Squat I got up to 80#!
Then it was already 5:45am and we didn’t row, so some of us stayed late to get it done, hubby and I got 8 1/2 rounds done in 15 minutes. Thankfully L has been setting her alarm clock and getting up early so I called on the way home to make sure she woke up her sister. All was well when I got home. It’s wonderful (and sad) that they are growing up.
I have to hit the elliptical and treadmill yet this year. I have some Diners, Drive-ins and Dives to watch now so it’ll go quicker. I work 1-5 and L has PT Conferences tonight.
Enjoy the day!

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