My life as a woman, wife and mother.

Meh…It’s Monday…

on March 3, 2014

Yesterday we did some grocery shopping, made some granola bars and granola and then I ate way to much of it. I’m like an addict. Whatever, I did go to bed at 5:30pm and read until 8:30pm when I went to sleep. I read 3 books yesterday, they are juvenile fiction so they go pretty quick. I’m trying to get out of my funk, PMS is here, TOM will be here Tuesday or Wednesday….I hate hormones…

New day, new workout.

Warm Up
50 Mtn Climbers
50 Jumping jacks
then… Arm Leg Swings
then Shoulder Mob
Skill- Muscle up 10 min
A- Push Press on 90sec
3×5   3×3  3×1
75     85    95
B- 20 Min AMRAP
5 Power Clean 145/100
10 Toe to Bar
15 WallBall 20/14
Let’s see….the warmup was no biggie and muscle up practice was so-so.
On the push press I did 65#, 70#, 80# and then Tom had me do 85# for the last 2 reps. I had to try twice on the last one, but I got it.
The AMRAP was tough. I did 65# on the power cleans, got my toes as high as I could and did the 14# wall ball. I finished 8 rounds and was working on the 9th. I was sucking wind with that workout. I still have to go downstairs and watch the final episode of Diners, Driveins and Dives and get in a bit more activity. Since Sunday was a DOR and I did nothing…I need to move a bit today.
My week…
  • Monday – FF, home workout, work 1-4:30, pick up fruit for FFA and deliver a bunch
  • Tuesday – FF, home workout, work 1-5, Lego Club for C
  • Wednesday – FF, home workout, WW (weigh-in), work library 5-8:30
  • Thursday – FF, work 8:45-1, home workout, Band & Choir concert for L
  • Friday – FF, home workout, work at library 8:45-11:45?, Hawaiian dance for C
  • Saturday – FF/home workout, lunch in Tomah with girlfriends
  • Sunday – daylight savings….



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