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It’s going to warm up!

on March 6, 2014
Countdown and up:  209 days/Day 1
209= until I turn 40, Day 1 on track
So, my jeans are pretty snug this morning. Yea, they are freshly washed, but still. I got my but to bed early last night (as early as I could after working until 8:30pm) and woke up to the gym. I won’t lie, it was a struggle to work out this morning and I did not do my % as I should have.
Warm up
20 Cal row
20 burpees x2…
then Bergener
Skill- Handstand
A- Front Squat
3×5  3×3  3×1
75    85    95
B- 10 Min
Clean N Jerk 115/85
3 reps of each, then 6 reps of each 9 reps of each 12 reps of each…..
The warm up was okay, but man, that was enough burpees! 😛 Handstand was good, I worked on getting my feet off the wall more. Front squat, so…not…feeling…it so I reduced the weight a bit and muddled through. CNJ I did 65# and that was tough, I got to 15 reps and was 8 into the T2B when the timer buzzed. After I did about 50 abmats and some stretching.
I work until 1pm today and then this afternoon I’m going to walk/read or elliptical and watch DDD. I have to move, maybe if it really gets in the 30’s and sunny I’ll walk outside!!!
Tonight is L’s choir/band concert. I’m hoping for some good tunes to listen too.
That’s what I know. Enjoy the day!
So, it’s now 1:55pm. I’ve been on track today. Good breakfast, yogurt & fruit for a snack, large salad with protein for lunch and a small chocolate for dessert. I’ll be getting on the elliptical soon and watching DDD. Yeah, it’s warmer out, but it’s still just at freezing! Indoors for this wussy.

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