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The email I knew was coming…

on March 7, 2014
First of all the good news! I stayed on track ALL day yesterday. Woo hoo! One day down…
208 days til 40 ~ Day 2 on track
So, it’s no secret I’ve been over goal since October. I knew an email would be coming from my boss and I got that email yesterday. Basically, I’m not fired (whew!) I just have to take steps to get back to goal. One of which is a conference call with other WW employees that are struggling. I’m down with that. I can use all the support I can get.
Last night L had her band/choir concert. They did a great job. My major beef is that people CAN NOT stay off their d@mn cell phones. Seriously? Turn it off and enjoy the time your child/friend/family member is performing for you. Beyond ridiculous. The concert was all 3 grades which means we got home at 9pm. Way past this girls bedtime. I knew I’d be going to the gym this morning though and thankfully one other person showed up!
Friday morning
Warm up
50 Mtn Climbers
50 Jumping jacks
then Arm Leg swings
… then Shoulder Mob
Skill- Play on rings, 6 min
A- Back Squat
work up to ahap 90sec
B- Partner, 18 min AMRAP
500M row
15 Pull Ups
1 Rope Climb
The warmup was fine and I just messed around on the rings for a bit. Back squat I think I upped my weight, I have to check. I did 80# pretty easily. The workout B was so-so. I suck at rowing lately and I tried twice to get up that d@mn rope, but it wasn’t happening. I need to get my mo-jo back for the gym. Hopefully once TOM is gone and I’m on track for a few more days I’ll feel like rockin’ it! When I got home I did 20 minutes on the elliptical since I’m going into work soon and wanted to get my workouts done for the day.
Not much else to say, I will enjoy the warmer weather today. 🙂

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