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Rest day?!

on March 9, 2014

206 Days til 40 ~ 4 Days on track!

Yesterday around 11:30am we headed to Tomah to meet up with my friends at Perkins. It was such a nice day. I love getting together, chatting, eating, chatting some more, potty breaks, etc.! LOL I wish we could do it more often, but it’s hard to coordinate 5 people’s schedules. Here’s hoping we can get together before summer starts and everyone gets very busy.

This morningm I got up at 5am (which was really 4am) finished reading my book and then hubby and I went shopping. We stopped at Farm & Fleet and I got a new pair of Asics.

new asics

They will replace my other black/purple/green pair which are getting shabby. 🙂 I’m low maintenance other wise, no makeup, limited clothes, no hair coloring or nails, but I LOVE my tennis shoes! LOL

After that it was off to Menards to compare some dishwashers. Ours is 10 years old and it’s okay, but soon we’ll need a new one. It was nice to see them in person and evaluate what we like and dislike about them. We are fussy old people!

Next it was Aldi shopping. A few good deals on cantaloupe for 99 cents and pineapple for $1.29. Finally we filled up with gas at Kwik Trip since it was 5 cents cheaper than our town and I used my $1 coupon.

We came home, the girls completed ALL their chores and even helped unload and put away groceries! We ate lunch, played cards and now L is working on making the snacks for next week. Right now the dill oyster crackers are in the oven, then she has granola, granola bars and English muffin bread to make. She offered, so I’m just supervising. 🙂

Today was a DOR for me, but I joked with hubby that lugging 80# bags of softener salt in the basement was my workout! That and laundry up and down the stairs.

My week is as follows…

  • Monday – FF, exercise at home, work 1-5, piano for L, conference call for WW to talk about my weight issues. 😛
  • Tuesday – FF, exercise at home, FFA meeting for L, work 1-5
  • Wednesday – FF, exercise at home, WW (weigh-in), work 5-8:30
  • Thursday – FF, work 8:45-1, exercise at home, Math & Science night for C at school
  • Friday – FF, exercise at home, work in YA from 8:45-12ish
  • Saturday – FF/exercise at home?, work 8:45-2



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