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Ups and downs…

on March 11, 2014
204 days til 40 – 6 days on track.
This morning my inner thighs are sore, my lats are sore….I guess those 300 squats yesterday are leaving me sore, as are the 40+ pull ups. I was going to sleep in, but tomorrow may be my DOR.
Warm Up 2×20
PVC thruster
Cal Row…
Hip Ext
Jump Pull Up
then Bergener
Skill- Muscle up
A- Clean, 12 min Work up to AHAP
B- 21-18-15-12-9-6-3
Box Jumps
Ring Row
So the warmup had me groaning in pain, but I made great progress with the muscle up! The clean was not great, my max was 55# since he wanted us to catch it in a deep squat! Yeah, my legs were not cooperating with that. Workout B was much better and I got done in around 7 minutes. I came home and got another 20 minutes done on the elliptical since I had to take L to school early. I then got my shopping down at Walmart and found a bunch of discounted meat! I refuse to pay full price anymore unless absolutely necessary!
I work 1-5 today and then it’s an evening of relaxation. Last night I had my conference call from 8-8:30pm. I didn’t participate, but I did listen and found it helpful.
Enjoy your day!

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