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Week of soreness.

on March 14, 2014

Good Friday morning! TGIF! 😛

201 Days til 40 ~ 2 days on track

Wow, am I sore! We were talking at the gym today that some weeks nothing hurts, this week, EVERYTHING hurts! LOL

Warm up 3 laps
Inchworm down… Lunge with elbow touch back
one legged run, switch leg on way back
Then Shoulder mob
Skill- L- Sit
A- Front Squat
3×5  3×5   3×5
40%    50%     60%
B- 15 Min AMRAP
Row 250M
50 DU’s
25 AbMat
I was moaning and groaning through the warmup, but afterwards I felt a bit more loose. L-sit, my first attempt was 15 seconds and after that it goes downhill. I can’t do a true L-sit, but I do tuck up my legs. Front squat was 45#, 55#, 65# and on the minute. I got 4 rounds done of Workout B and had to do 150 single jump ropes. I decided against the elliptical this morning and just showered up and got ready to go into work. I may or may not do anything in the afternoon since after work I have some shopping to do and that might eat up my time to workout before the kids get home from school.
That’s it, enjoy your Friday!

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