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Going through the motions….

on March 25, 2014

Happy Tuesday! It snowed a bit last night and the roads were very icy on my way into the gym. Right now it’s super windy too. Blech…I’m just waiting for Sunday when it will be in the upper 50’s!

190 days til 40!

Warm up
3 laps
Piriformis walk down, lunge with elbow touch back
Broad jumps
Bear walk

Skill- Handstand

A- 1 snatch, 2 OH squat, on 90 sec work up to AHAP
B- 5 rounds
400m row
15 pull ups
15 push up
20 DU’s

They gym was different today. There were 2 people there that haven’t been in ages and then me and another lady that comes all the time. For the handstand I worked more on balancing away from the wall and I did walk along the wall a bit too. For the snatch the heaviest I got to was 40# and that was it. It’s super hard to catch and balance that overhead and then be in a squat at the same time! Workout B took over 22 minutes for me to get through. I had to do 60 single jumps instead of the double unders. I did practice some after the workout and I have the whip marks to prove it. MAN those hurt!

037 (669x1024)

I’ll be getting on the elliptical/treadmill in a bit yet this morning and then I have to make our taco meat for supper tonight. L has roller skating from 5-7pm today for FFA. C and I are going to pick her up and go to Walmart to look for some shoes and yoga-type pants for L. Maybe that will keep me out of the kitchen! 😛

Enjoy your Tuesday!


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