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Humpin’ along!

on March 26, 2014

189 days til 40!

I’m so glad I did not workout Monday since my legs are feeling great! I needed those legs for front squats today!

Warm up
Cal row
Air squat jump
Push up – this wasn’t on the board so we didn’t do them.
Good morning
Then Bergener clean n jerk

A- Front squat
3×3 3×3 3×3
70. 80. 90%
Minute 1- 5 DL @ 60%
2- 5 DL @ 70
3- 5 DL@ 80%
5- 5 Hang clean
6- 5 hang clean (heavier)
7- 5 hang clean ( more heavier)
8- 5 max Broad Jump
9- 5 max broad jump
10- 5 max broad jump
11- 10 cal row / 10 burpee (depending on class size)
12- ^ repeat
13- ^ repeat

My front squat was 75#, 90# and 100#. Tracy said MAX week will be coming soon! My deadlifts were 110#, 130#, 150# for the cleans I did 50#, 60# and then 65#. I chose to do the burpees instead of rowing. I also had a conference call for WW so I walked on the treadmill for 45 minutes of that and then did a bunch of stretching.

Last night L had her FFA skating party. She won the limbo! I think it’s the first time she’s actually done it and she won! 🙂 After we went to Walmart shopping. Surprisingly it was NOT busy there, but the girls take forever to pick out shoes! LOL We were home shortly after 8pm though so it wasn’t too awful. The bonus is my shopping is done except for picking up grapes and eggs this morning.

I weigh-in today, who knows what the scale will say. 😛



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