My life as a woman, wife and mother.

Rowin’ my boat.

on March 28, 2014

Happy Friday! I have nothing to do today. I take that back. There is plenty to do, but will I do it? 😛

187 days til 40!

I was asleep by 8:30pm last night and got up at 4am (almost) ready to hit the gym!

Warm up
Cal row
Air squat jump
Push up
Good morning

A- Handstand hold Tabata, 10 rounds – This really starts to suck around round 6-7, but I did all the rounds!

B- For time, in any order
40 DL @60%n – 110# for me
40 push press @60%  50# for me
1000m row

My total time on Workout B was just under 12 minutes. After the workout Tom (the trainer) worked with me on my rowing. I think I finally get it! We’ll see the next time we row.

So what’s going on this weekend? I’ll workout at home tomorrow since the gym is closed on Saturday. Then the girls are going to the movies with their friends at 9:30am. While they are there I’m going to do some shopping and hang out at the library until they are done. I think they’ll come here after for lunch and to hang out for a bit.

Sunday is supposed to be beautiful so we are planning on taking the girls to the levee for some fresh air and exercise! Hubby thinks it’ll need some traffic lights because so many people will be out enjoying the weather!


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