My life as a woman, wife and mother.

Resting today…

on April 2, 2014

182 days til 40!

Good morning, I decided at 1am, when I walked to the bathroom in pain, that today was going to be a day of rest and recovery. Monday’s workout, especially the eccentric pushups has really left my arms sore. My triceps, pecs, lats AND armpits are sore! Yesterday’s lunges has left my glutes mildly sore. I figure 3 hard-core days in a row of exercise was good and deserved a day off. 🙂

I work at Weight Watchers today and weigh-in again. My eating has been pretty good this week so I have that going for me. Going against me is my period and muscle soreness (water retention). I know I won’t stop going to the gym though, so I’m always going to be dealing with muscle soreness issues.

Tomorrow I’ll be back at the gym and possibly using my elliptical before I head into work. Thursday night we are celebrating our anniversary in the Dells. The girls are coming with us so I told C she has to get her poster project done tonight since it’s due on Friday and there won’t be a lot of time on Thursday night to get it done.

Yesterday was April Fool’s Day, but I can say that no one pranked me. The girls even said that there were only a couple of jokes played on them during the day. When I was a kid we lived for pranking each other. Well, maybe it was only me that loved tricking people! LOL




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