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on April 9, 2014

175 days til 40!

Happy Hump Day! Even though my legs are trashed I went to the gym and I’m glad I did. Tracy had us doing some awesome (yet painful) stretches today that I need to incorporate every single day!

100 mountain climbers
Arm/Leg swings
Hip Flexor mob

Skill- Pistols

A- Push Press 60sec
3×5 3×5 3×5
40 50 60% – I did 35#, 45#, 55#
B- 1 Min rounds x4
Battle Rope
Box Jump
Ground to OH with wallball

Workout B wasn’t too awful, except I don’t like Battle Rope, it’s hard to do that for 1 minute! Overall today was a good workout and we’ll see about tomorrow being a DOR or not.

So, I did NOT quit Weight Watchers. Instead my boss convinced me to get a Dr.’s note for a higher BMI. WW has their weights set for a max BMI of 25. That would be 150# for me, however, you can get a Dr. note for up to a 27 BMI. That would be 162# for me. Instead, my Dr. and I agreed on 157# as my goal weight since that has been were I’ve been for several months now. Yeah, I’d like to see 155# and that’s what I’m going to work towards. I work today and we will be short staffed since Mayo’s wife had emergency surgery on Monday. I hope it goes smoothly without her there.

I have to leave early to get some shopping done since C has another birthday party on Friday that I need to get the gift for. I work tonight from 5-8:30 and I asked my boss if I can get Wednesday’s off in the summer. That way if I want to go to the Concerts in the Park with my family I can. Plus we have a college guy coming back for the summer and he could pick up my hours. She hasn’t said yeah or nay yet, but I have high hopes.

That’s what I know, enjoy the sunshine!


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