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Busy BEE and up 20#!

on April 15, 2014

169 days til 40!

Yesterday afternoon we received an email that L has won the spelling bee at her school! Really? I didn’t know she was even going to compete, that kid! She won out of kids who entered from grades 6-8. She’s a 6th grader who skipped 5th grade, I think that’s great that she won! Her word was delinquent, she said she just guessed at it! LOL

Lydia spelling bee


3 Laps
High Knees
Broad Jumps
Then Bergener Clean N Jerk

Max Out
Clean N Jerk 18 min
rep scheme

Today we MAXed out on Clean and Jerk. My old MAX was 80# in December. Today I did 100#! It was freakin’ awesome! I really was aiming low, like 85# or 90# would have been fine with me. This is a move I struggle with normally, but today I felt I was getting the form down and it made it a lot easier to lift heavy. So glad!

Soon I’m going to head to the basement for some more exercise while I watch Alton Brown on DVD. The shows only last 20 minutes which is the perfect short workout time. The bonus is I learn things about baking & cooking, like the science behind ingredients, etc. I truly find it interesting that someone has figured out all the ins and outs of baking the perfect loaf of bread or muffin or pasta, etc.

I work from 1-5 today and then after supper I’m going to do some grocery shopping. I didn’t realize how much we are out of until I went to make eggs for the girls this morning. I usually shop before WW on Wednesday, but I need a bunch of frozen items and I don’t have a way to keep things frozen for 2 hours while I work.

I’m curious to weigh-in tomorrow. It will be nice to not have the stress anymore, now I just need to focus on staying at 157# or below and not going beyond that! LOL

Enjoy the sunshine! It’s almost blinding shining off the snow on the ground! Yeah, I said snow, it’s still around from yesterday, but it better leave soon!


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