My life as a woman, wife and mother.

Day 1 – DOR

on April 23, 2014

Good morning! Day of rest for me, my body is sore from Monday and Tuesday’s workouts.

I came to a realization yesterday, I have to get my eating back under control. Clothes feel snug, I feel self conscious. Summer is almost here and I need to feel good about how I look since I’ll be wearing less clothes! LOL

I’m back to tracking 100%, not just what I feel like.

I’ll weigh in again on May 7th in order to give my body two weeks to get back to feeling more ‘normal’ before I face the scale. I weighed in for the month already so I’m good as far as WW is concerned.

I’ve declared the cabinets ‘off limits’ for me and I need to focus on fruits, veggies, healthy carbs and proteins, along with healthy fats.

I’ll continue to go to the gym 4-5 days a week, and add in extra workouts at home. Soon I’ll get outside and get some flower beds cleaned up, that looks like Friday afternoon when it’s warm and sunny.

After 21 days of not bingeing or being out of control with my food (not measuring or recording points) I’m going to reward myself with a 60 minute massage! I could really use one today for my legs and back! 😛

On tap for today…

  • I already took L and friends to school early for a meeting
  • I shopped at Walmart for a few things and found 2 shirts (shopping did nothing for my self esteem)
  • I have to stop at Dollar Tree and look for plastic dolls for C’s diorama
  • I work WW 10:45-1pm
  • I have to pick up tickets for the UW Madhatters after WW
  • I have to stop at Kwik Trip for bananas
  • I work 5-8:30pm at the library
  • I should work on putting away the Easter décor

Enjoy the day!


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