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Mad Hatters! (Day 5 – Day 4 Success!)

on April 27, 2014

157 days til 40!

Happy Sunday!

Last night hubby, the girls and I went to see the UW Mad Hatter’s a cappella group. It was FANTASTIC! They performed for 2 hours with an intermission. Lots of great oldies and newbies and the guy that was the beatbox was fabulous! The girls had a great time and I’m glad we took them along. C ended up seeing one of her teachers there and I sat next to a woman I used to go to yoga with a few years back. There were a handful of other people I knew there too, but many that I didn’t (obviously).

Yesterday we ended up going to garage sales, stopping at the library, Goodwill shopping for L’s pirate shirt for her band concert, Walmart shopping and then home. The girls and I finished up hoeing the vegetable gardens and they each staked their claim to their portion of the new garden. I told them it’s entirely their responsibility. The only watering I will do is if the sprinkler is on, no weeding from me. šŸ™‚

So, I should have probably exercised this morning, but I’m okay with 2 days off. My legs are almost back to normal and I’ll do some stretching and foam rolling again today, but nothing formal in the way of exercise. I’ll be back in the gym tomorrow!

My week..

  • Monday – Fitness Foundry, quick elliptical workout, work 8:45-1, hubby takes L to piano (supper: burgers on grill & homemade fries)
  • Tuesday – FF, workout at home, work 1-4:30, awards night at school (beef roast in crockpot with homemade mashed potatoes)
  • Wednesday – FF, workout at home, work WW, stop at Walmart for misc. and bday gift for C’s friend, work 5-8:30
  • Thursday – FF, quick elliptical workout, work 8:45-1, band concert for L
  • Friday – FF, workout at home, L has dance at school and sleeping over at friend’s house
  • Saturday – C has a birthday party/sleepover in the afternoon, pickup L at some point

Of course I’ll take a day off during the week from the gym if I need it.

Enjoy your day!


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