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Day 7 – Day 6 Success!

on April 29, 2014

155 days til 40!

Good Tuesday morning! I slept well and felt pretty good body-wise this morning. Last night when hubby took L to piano, C was reading to me and I was stretching and foam rolling. I decided to roll my left buttock and I felt it ‘give’. I think that may have helped my tight hip flexor muscle. I’m going to get a bit more cardio soon and then stretch after and see how it feels then.

Warm up
Jump Pull up
PVC Thruster
Cal Row
hip Ext

A- Hanging L-Sit, tabata 10 rounds – this was so-so, it’s hard, I can’t do an L, but I can lift my knees to chest.
B- Weighted Pull Ups, on 90sec
5-5-4-4-3-3-3-2-2 – no weights for me, but I did use the bands and started with the biggest and moved on down in size until I couldn’t do them.
C- For time
Double Unders

I did single jumps and ALMOST did them all unbroken except for ONE TIME when it hit my shoe! I wanted to get them all done without stopping, so close. I think I finished workout C in 9:46 or so.

I work 1-4:30 today and then we have Awards Night at 6pm at school.

Enjoy your Tuesday!


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