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Doing great!

on April 30, 2014

154 days til 40!

Happy Hump Day! (sing it like the camel!)

I’ve been on track now for 7 days. No binge eating. I’m measuring portions. Yes, I did eat some cereal and nuts, but in moderate amounts and accounted for. All in all I feel good about the last week, so good that I’m going to brave the scale at WW today even though I don’t have to weigh today. I’m just curious.

Now on to the workout…

Warm up
3 laps
Bear walk
High Knees
Gator Walk
Butt Kickers

A- HSPU/ Kipping HSPU, Tabata, 10 Rounds – this sucked! Like a huge suck!
B- Back Squat, 13 Min Find max,
5-4–3–2-1-1-1 – My max ended up being 120#! Last time I only did 85#, but Tracy worked with me on form today and things went better.
C- For score, total reps
4 min Wallballs
rest 2min
4 min Burpee
rest 2 min
4 min Cal Row

My total reps for workout C was 178 (I think). I’ll have to see the post tonight on Facebook that Darko takes of the board. 🙂

Plans for today…I’m hitting the elliptical soon and then showering up. I need to leave around 9:45 to get some shopping done before WW set-up starts at 10:45. I work tonight at the library too.

Last night we went to the Awards Ceremony at school. L was presented with her trophy for winning the spelling bee and recognized for being a member of Student Council. She was bright red when she went to get her trophy since her friends shouted out her name! LOL Very proud of her.

That’s what I know…enjoy the day!


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