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Fantastic day!

126 days til 40!

Happy Friday! It’s the last full Friday of me being by myself. Next week is a half day and the last day of school. I’m happy and sad at the same time. Yesterday I worked until 1pm and then came home for a light lunch. I then decided to get off my butt and get outside for a walk, the weather was perfect! 35 minutes later I was at home watering the vegetables and they sure needed it. I plan to get back out there again today and put some more seeds in the ground and water if necessary. I worked WW last night and my friend Cheryl was filling in. After the meeting she and I went out to Jimmy John’s for supper. It was my first time trying an unwich, a sandwich without the bread and wrapped in a lettuce leaf. It was pretty darn good, but then again I love roast beef! Cheryl and I talked for about an hour about many sad things, she recently lost her best friend to a sudden death and so we did a bunch of tearing up and talking. It was very wonderful. I’m also happy to say I ended my day on track with my food. Yep, one day down. I’m happy about that.

On to today’s workout…

Warm up
Mountain Climbers, Tabata
Bergener Clean

Box Shoulder Stretch 4×0:20

3×0:30 Arch Hold + 0:30 Hollow Hold/0:30 Rest

Be sure to roll straight from arch to hollow without your arms or legs touching the floor. Arms stay next to your ears the entire time.

3×6 Arch to Hollow Swing on Bar, Pause between each rep

A- Clean and jerk 60sec
2×10 – the heaviest I got was 80#
B- 21-15-9
Push press 135/85
Ring Dip
Cal Row

Workout B took me 14:41 to finish. I used 65# on the push press, plenty heavy for me today. I plan on a basement workout soon and then shower up for the day. Well, for now anyway, I have a feeling I’ll be taking another shower later on today, I should get outside for a quick walk in the sunshine later on.

Enjoy the day!

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Happy Thursday! Today I get my rear back on track. Yesterday was pretty good, not great though. 😛

Warm Up
3 Rounds
5 Burpees
Suicide (bear walk)

Thoracic spine barbell stretch
4X 20 (10 off)
3X :30 on/0:30 off Hollow hold on Hands (Continually work on holding your position lower and lower to the ground.)
1 lap Arch/Hollow Roll + V-up

A- Push Press 60 sec
3×5 3×5 3×5
40 50 60%
B- Front Squat
3×5 3×5 3×5
40 50 60%
C- 5 rounds
1 Hill Sprint
12 Pull Ups

Thankfully Jess showed up for the workout today. It was a sweaty and tough one, my lungs were on fire at the end!

I work from 8:45-1 and then I work WW tonight.

Nothing else new to share, enjoy the day! Below is a pick of me and my grandpa Jim. He was a great man and I loved fishing with him.

TBT (3) (978x1006)

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Group workout!

126 days til 40!

Yesterday my eating was better, but by the evening the cereal called my name. Not as bad as Monday though. 😛


Warm up
Mountain Climber Tabata, 5 rounds

Box Shoulder stretch 4X :20 (10 seconds rest) work with arms shoulder width apart.

3X :30 on 30 off Arch hold on stomach

3X8 Arch to Hollow Med Ball Throws 14/20 10 feet from Wall.

A- Snatch 60sec
B- 3 Person team, 1 person goes at a time, can jump in whenever
For time
150 Push Ups
20 Rope Climb – I myself climbed the rope 3 times! Woop!
150 Air Squats
100 Wallballs
400M Farmer Carry 75/45 (each Hand)

Today’s workout was decent. We worked on the form for the snatch today. It’s a hard move that will always need work. I do okay at it, but it’s definitely a lot to think about. We ended up with a 4 person team for the final workout. I don’t know how much work I actually did, but it was a fun way to workout for a change of pace. I’m going downstairs soon to watch some DVDs while I workout a bit more. I have shopping to do before WW. I’m not weighing in this week. I have 3 strikes against me, TOM, soreness and awful eating. I’ll be back on the scale next week to start off the month of June.

Enjoy your day!

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Back at it!

127 days to 40!

Let’s see…I didn’t post yesterday. I walked and read for 20 minutes in the morning. We had a picnic lunch at my inlaw’s house. It was nice to see everyone and the food was good. Unfortunately I ate way too much food yesterday, ugg…I’m not dwelling on it, but my streak of 30+ days of good eating is over. I did try to track what I ate and I think I’m -25 for the week, but my APs cover that, but still, disappointing behavior nonetheless. I so didn’t want to work out this morning, but of course I am glad I did, it was a sweat-fest!

Warm Up
3 rounds
Suicide (run)
5 Burpees
Suicide (Bear walk)

3X :30 (10 seconds off) Seated Pike
3X: 30 (10 seconds off) Toe Touch
3X :30 (30 seconds off) Handstand Hamstring Hold with Box

:40 Hollow Hold on Back
:40 arch Hold

1 lap arch hollow roll across floor.

A- Deadlift, 60sec clock
3×5 3×5 3×5
40 50 60%  70#, 90#, 105#

B- Flight Simulator
For time: Unbroken sets of double unders 5-10-15-20-25-30-35-40-45-50-45-40-35-30-25-20-15-10-5
Notes: 15 minute cut-off. You must complete each set of double unders UNBROKEN in order to move on to the next set and yes, you must stop after completing each set.

The jump rope was so-so. I got to 120 (singles) but could NOT complete the next round of 135 unbroken! With all of my attempts I’m sure I ended up jumping a bazillion times anyway! 🙂 After the workout Tracy had me roll out with the balls on my arms and shoulders and while it was painful to do it, I felt great after!

I’m headed to C’s school this morning for the Growth Mindset awards. I hope I can get a good photo this time around. 🙂

  • Tuesday – FF, C’s school, work 1-5
  • Wednesday – FF, workout at home, work WW, pickup Papa Murphy’s, work 5-8:30
  • Thursday – FF, work 8:45-1, work WW, dinner out with co-workers
  • Friday – FF, workout at home

Lucas and Carly



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Murph! (on my own)

129 days til 40!

This Memorial Day, this coming Monday, we will be having one class at 8a.m.
We will be doing the workout called “Murph”
For time
1 mile run
100 Pull Ups
200 Push Ups
300 Air Squats
1 mile run

This workout is in honor of a Navy Seal who fell in combat. Read about him and the foundation in his honor in the link below.

So, I took a day of rest yesterday, but was still pretty active with walking around at garage sales and planting the garden. Today I decided I needed to do the Murph workout on my own since I won’t make the 8am class tomorrow at the gym.

The workout took me 48 minutes to complete. I ran on the treadmill, did 10 pull ups, 20 push ups, 30 squats (1o rounds) and then ran another mile on the treadmill. Let me tell you, the 2nd mile my legs felt like lead!

Once everyone was up we headed to Walmart for some food and shorts for the girls since we didn’t have luck at the garage sales yesterday. Then I got out into the garden and did some more watering and replanting of some seeds. I have to get back out there soon and get a few more things taken care of.

C helped me make the pasta/coleslaw salad for tonight’s supper. I still have to make potato salad for tomorrow’s picnic at my inlaw’s house, but that will be later on. We already have the veggies chopped up.

Finally I think we’ve secured a dresser set for C. It’s all set up through Craigslist that hubby will pick them up on Wednesday night. Fingers crossed it all works out. We’ve had plenty of things fall through with people on Craigslist. :}

That’s it for me, enjoy this gorgeous weather!

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Out of ideas…

131 days til 40!

Okay, coming up with titles each day is tiresome. I find myself repeating myself. Like TGIF, etc. Anyway, I got to bed fairly early last night and was ready for the gym even if my deltoids were not!

Warm up
Run 400m
arm leg swings

shoulder stretches

A- Deadlift
3×5 3×3 3×1
75 85 95%  – 130#, 150#, 165#
B- Handstand practice, use partner 5-7 minutes
C- 5 Min AMRAP (Bi’s & Tri’s baby!)
5 Chin Ups
5 Ring Dips
5 Min AMRAP (Lats Pecs Delts oh my!
5 Dead Hang Pull Ups
5 Hand release Push Ups
5 Wallballs 20/14
5 Box Jumps
rest 1 min between AMRAPS

We did not keep track of our rounds because it was too complicated, it was hard enough to do all the arm work we did.

This morning I’m going to go downstairs and exercise a bit more before I clean up and head out. I need to go to the library and look for books and I am going into town to see about some garage sales. Tomorrow we are going to sales in Pardeeville and then getting some plants for the garden.

Enjoy your day!

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The Fault in our Stars…

Happy Thursday! Today is a DOR for me, my shoulders are so sore! My body needs some rest, although I may mulch and mow the yard a bit this afternoon.

My title today, The Fault in our Stars, is the book I stayed up until 10:30pm last night to finish! Excellent book and really engaging to read. I recommend this book even though it’s a Teen Fiction book.

Short post today, enjoy this gorgeous weather!

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Weigh-in results…

I’m up .6# to 158.4#. I’m good with that since my hamstrings are sore and so are my shoulders. 🙂

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I need to work on my running form…

133 days til 40!

Warm up
run 400M
Arm/Leg swings

Mob – 3 shoulder mobility exercises

A- Push Press
3×5 3×3 3×1
75 85 95%  65#, 75#, 85#
B- Rope Climb, 10 Ascents – so I was dreading this, BUT I DID climb the rope 2 times in a row! On the third I got 1/2 way and couldn’t do it, from then on it was the modified version for me.
C- Sprints,
8x 40M
rest approx 45seconds after each sprint, use partners to race – when we finished up the running members from the next class were coming in. Lani (who is a great runner) had some tips for me to work on…..It’s always so much to think about with any type of exercise you do.

I got my errands mostly done for today. I do have a few quick stops to make before and after Weight Watchers. I’ll weigh in again today. No clue, once again, what it will say. I have sore muscles for sure this week, but my eating was pretty darn good and for the 2nd week in a row I have WPA left over and I earned 35 activity points that I did NOT use. I have 28 days in a row of tracking and I’m pretty happy with myself.

I work tonight and I only have one more Wed. night to work before I get them off during the summer. I’m looking forward to listening to music in the park on Wed. nights. 🙂


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The Lone Ranger!

134 days til 40!

Yesterday when I left work at 1pm it had been raining so I was disappointed I wouldn’t be able to walk outside after lunch. Thankfully the rain had stopped and stayed away until I returned from my 1 mile walk! It was nice to get outside. I’m debating my basement this morning or going outside…..hmmm…

The gym was packed on Monday, this morning…….it was just me and Tracy! Really people?! Anyway…

Warm up
40 Burpees

3 laps seal walk

hamstring stretches
Bergener, Clean n Jerk

A- Clean N Jerk, 90 sec work up to AHAP
3-3-3-3-2-2-2-2 – the heaviest I got was 90# and that was tough!
B- Tabata 20/10, 5 rounds each, rest 2 rounds(1min) between each movement
Hollow Hold (face up)
Hollow Hold (face down)
L-sit using Parellettes

The tabata was so-so, definitely hard on the abs and considering yesterday we worked the abs pretty hard it was a challenge.

No more news from me, enjoy the day!

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