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New Trainer!

on May 1, 2014

153 days til 40!

Happy Thursday! Today was going to be a DOR, but….my trainer Tom quit! I knew that Darko would be meeting with us this morning and he ended up coaching our class. It was sad to have Tom leave, but it’s a fresh start with Darko & Tracy coaching.

Jump Pull up
PVC Thruster
Cal Row
hip Ext

A- Frog Hold, tabata, 10 rounds – this was brand new, it’s like a plank hold but you angle forward on your arms and hold this position.
B- Hang Clean, find max, 13 min
5-4-3-2-1-1-1 – I failed at 85#
C- For Time
40 Deadlift @65%
40 Push Press @ 65%
40 Ring Row
40 Burpees

I finished in 12:03 or something like that. Touch workout, my arms are pretty shot. So how did the new trainer go? It was good. He’s a good coach, uses your name a lot, encourages you and corrects your form if necessary. He has a different insight into what we are doing. I don’t know if he’s teaching tomorrow too, but I know after that it’ll be Tracy, who I also love.

On tap for today….work from 8:45-1, nap (hehe) and L has a band concert tonight.

Enjoy your day!


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