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Sunny day!

on May 6, 2014

148 days til 40!

Happy Tuesday! My neck is still kinked up from yesterday’s workout, but it’s a tad better. I have to remember to take some ibuprofen soon. Today at the gym it was 3 of us plus the coach. Not too bad for attendance.

Warm Up
30 Cal Row
10 Sun Salutatons
Bergener Snatch drill


A- Hang Snatch, on 90sec
3-3-3-3-3-3-3 – I kept pretty light, I ended with 45# and good form.

B- Cartwheels, 5 min

C- 13 min EMOM
5 Ground to OH 135/95
20 Push Up

Workout C sucked. I did 65# on the GTO and I only completed the 20 pushups once. It was every minute on the minute, if we failed to finish we rested for the next minute and then started back up. Definitely a cardio workout! I’m going downstairs in a bit to get a bit more workout in and then I’m going to shower up and finish up some laundry.

I’m so happy for the return of the sun the past few days. I got out for a walk yesterday afternoon and last night we watered the garden. The sun just makes me so much happier. Now if only I could work on a tan for my pasty winter skin! LOL

Enjoy the day!


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