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Woohoo! It’s Friday!

on May 9, 2014

145 days til 40!

Last night I was in bed early, finished reading an easy book and got a great night’s sleep! I’m still sore though so I was sorta dreading this morning’s workout. Thankfully I feel good afterwards.

Warm up
Coach’s Lead – same warmup as Mon & Wed

Deadlift prep
A- Deadlift, 2 min
3×5 3×5 3×5
65 75 85% – I did 115#, 130#, 150#, we really concentrated on form today.

B- Hollow hold, face down tabata, 10 rounds – this wasn’t too bad for me, towards the end my shoulders were sore

C- 21-15-9
Cal row
HSPU – I used 2 ab mats and a skinny 10# weight under my head. I’d say it was easier to go lower today. 🙂
Front Rack Lunges 95/65 (L+R=1) – Yeah, this move paralizes me so I used a 35# bar only. Plenty hard!

I think I finished in under 11 minutes.

On tap for today, let my breakfast digest before I hit the elliptical for a bit of cardio. If the rain holds off later on today I may walk the mile loop around my neighborhood and see if the girls want to go with. I do have to get to Walmart either this morning or tomorrow morning too.

Enjoy your day!


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