My life as a woman, wife and mother.

Happy Mother’s Day!

on May 11, 2014

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there! My dad has been great so far. It started with sleeping in a bit and taking a DOR. The girls wanted to make me breakfast so I chose an oatmeal bake. Hubby woke them up to start working on it since it took about 30 minutes to cook. It was definitely different that my usual oats, but good! While it was baking I got to open my gifts. I got new gardening gloves, a new trowel (which I asked for), 2 wonderful homemade cards that made me teary-eyed and a new garden ornament/light. It’s even more elaborate than I expected!

MD morning

MD gifts

MD gift

After everyone was ready for the day we headed to Deerfield to pick up the truck hubby bought. On the way back I stopped at Woodman’s while he and the girls got the last load of mulch. As I was driving away from Woodman’s my phone rang, it was hubby, the truck broke down in Poynette, the bearing went out on the front tire! So I stopped to pick them all up and we came home. Hubby called a tow truck and the girls worked on lunch. They made me a salad with crab and cheese. Somehow a salad made by someone else just tastes better! LOL

When lunch was done we headed to the Dells for some mini golfing before the rain came in.

girls on pirate

on pirate

golfing 3

golfing 2

Golfing was fun, L won and I came in 2nd. She redeemed her coupon for a free scoop of sherbet and the rest of us got flavored popcorn. Of course I choose caramel peanut butter popcorn with nuts and chocolate! To be fair, I did get the smallest container and I let hubby have a tiny bit of it. LOL

We got home before the rain fell and hubby unloaded the mulch and worked a bit on the truck. I read a little and played Word Feud while L baked my pineapple angel food cake for tonight’s dessert. They are also making the supper I requested….baked breaded shrimp, waffle fries and peas. Yummy!

It’s been a nice Mother’s Day and I felt pretty special to have my girls do so much for me. It’s only a taste of what I do each and every day for them! 🙂




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