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DOR today and I lost weight!

on May 15, 2014

139 days til 40!

Happy Thursday! I knew last night at work when I hit the wall around 8pm that today would be a DOR. My abs are sore and I was/am just tired out. So rest was in order! I slept in til a bit after 5am and then started my morning.

Yesterday I weighed in at WW. Again, I have NOT stepped on a scale at home since December so I go in each week with absolutely no clue what’s going on with my weight. I was able to get my rings on pretty well yesterday so I knew I wasn’t retaining much water, I also didn’t have much in the way of sore muscles. I weighed in at 157.8# which is down .4# from last week! That means I lost TWO weeks in a row. Awesome! My new goal with WW is 157# so I’m okay for the month, but I’m going to continue to weigh in each week to get closer to that 157#. I’ve been in control of my eating for over 22 days now and I scheduled myself for a massage on Sunday. That was my reward for NOT bingeing for 21 days.

Upcoming things (for my own info)

  • Friday – workout at home OR make it to the gym for the 7:30am class, go to Goodwill for clothes, go to greenhouse for potatoes for the garden
  • Saturday – workout at home, work 8:45-2, come home and get the girls for a birthday party for their cousin, shop at Aldi after
  • Sunday – DOR?, massage, gardening?

Enjoy your day!


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