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The Lone Ranger!

on May 20, 2014

134 days til 40!

Yesterday when I left work at 1pm it had been raining so I was disappointed I wouldn’t be able to walk outside after lunch. Thankfully the rain had stopped and stayed away until I returned from my 1 mile walk! It was nice to get outside. I’m debating my basement this morning or going outside…..hmmm…

The gym was packed on Monday, this morning…….it was just me and Tracy! Really people?! Anyway…

Warm up
40 Burpees

3 laps seal walk

hamstring stretches
Bergener, Clean n Jerk

A- Clean N Jerk, 90 sec work up to AHAP
3-3-3-3-2-2-2-2 – the heaviest I got was 90# and that was tough!
B- Tabata 20/10, 5 rounds each, rest 2 rounds(1min) between each movement
Hollow Hold (face up)
Hollow Hold (face down)
L-sit using Parellettes

The tabata was so-so, definitely hard on the abs and considering yesterday we worked the abs pretty hard it was a challenge.

No more news from me, enjoy the day!


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