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Group workout!

on May 28, 2014

126 days til 40!

Yesterday my eating was better, but by the evening the cereal called my name. Not as bad as Monday though. 😛


Warm up
Mountain Climber Tabata, 5 rounds

Box Shoulder stretch 4X :20 (10 seconds rest) work with arms shoulder width apart.

3X :30 on 30 off Arch hold on stomach

3X8 Arch to Hollow Med Ball Throws 14/20 10 feet from Wall.

A- Snatch 60sec
B- 3 Person team, 1 person goes at a time, can jump in whenever
For time
150 Push Ups
20 Rope Climb – I myself climbed the rope 3 times! Woop!
150 Air Squats
100 Wallballs
400M Farmer Carry 75/45 (each Hand)

Today’s workout was decent. We worked on the form for the snatch today. It’s a hard move that will always need work. I do okay at it, but it’s definitely a lot to think about. We ended up with a 4 person team for the final workout. I don’t know how much work I actually did, but it was a fun way to workout for a change of pace. I’m going downstairs soon to watch some DVDs while I workout a bit more. I have shopping to do before WW. I’m not weighing in this week. I have 3 strikes against me, TOM, soreness and awful eating. I’ll be back on the scale next week to start off the month of June.

Enjoy your day!


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