My life as a woman, wife and mother.

It’s hump day?

on June 4, 2014

119 days til 40!

I’m confused about what day it is and I was happy to hear two others at the gym were too! I’m not the only one who can’t remember the day.

Warm up
3 laps
Seal Walk

Core/mob – V-sit, toe touch, shoulder mob on box

A- Deadlift, 2min
3×5 3×5 3×3
65 75 85% – 115#, 130#, 150#
B- 20 min
I go You go
Row 200M – hubby and I were partners, we got almost 5000 meters!

I’m going to get in a morning workout at home yet. I have a few errands to run before I go to work at WW and then I work 1-5 at the library. I image it will be a bit busier since we can register for summer reading starting today. Thankfully a teen volunteer is coming after school to help out with that so maybe I can accomplish something else.

Then I rush home for dinner and head to the VFW for Concerts at the Portage. That will mean we won’t get home til around 9pm or so, so it’ll be a late night. I may go to the gym since Kathy told me she’ll be there for sure since she can’t make Friday. It’s always nice to know I won’t be alone since typically I am on Thursdays.

Oh, I’m weighing-in today. Who knows, who cares. 😛


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