My life as a woman, wife and mother.

I wasn’t alone!

on June 10, 2014

113 days til 40!

Warm Up
500M row
PVC Grace

Mob – couch stretch

Skill- Handstand Practice 5 min

A- Snatch, 60 sec clock
B- Strict press, 60 sec clock
3x3x3x3x3x2x2x2 – we didn’t get to this, conditioning instead
C- For rounds
4 rounds
25 WallBall 20/14
400M run

I finished workout C in just over 12 minutes, I probably would have been last, but one girl has asthma issues running and her mom walked by her a bit. I’m glad they were there this morning though, otherwise I’d have been alone again.

Yesterday the girls did great at home. They did laundry, dishes, and got along. Let’s see how long this will last! 🙂 Today they are going to L’s friend’s house for the afternoon so I know they’ll have a good time doing that.


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