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Diggin’ and slidin’!

on June 16, 2014

107 days til 40!

No Fitness Foundry this morning since Tracy had a meeting out of town. I did workout at home though, 30 minutes on the elliptical (broken into 2-15 min. workouts) and some ab work. I’ll probably get in a walk later on today.

Quick recap on the weekend. Friday the girls went to my friends for a sleepover. I walked in town for about 35 minutes. Saturday hubby and I went to Baraboo for a 5k and then hit up Aldi for a handful of things. I was hoping for cheap produce, but not so much. Sunday was Father’s Day. The girls slept until 9am! Then hubby got to open his gifts and we headed to Adams to the Flea Market. Sadly not a lot of booths were open since there was talk of rain (which never happened).

Sunday I took a DOR and I didn’t eat the greatest, but I’ve done worse. I’m debating on weighing in on Wed. and I think I should just to get an idea of where I stand before July’s weight is due in 2 weeks.

Today L starts Archaeology Camp in town. 9am-4:30 Monday through Friday. Today C gets to go to Noah’s Ark for A Day with the same friends she stayed with on Friday night.

My week….

  • Monday – workout at home, take L to AC, take C to friends, get to work late and work til 1 or 1:15 (to get my hours)
  • Tuesday – FF, workout at home, take L to AC, work 1-5, take L and friends to the Chocolate Olympics at the library at 6:30
  • Wednesday – FF, workout at home, take L to AC, work Weight Watchers, shop after, Concert at the Portage
  • Thursday – FF, take L to AC, work at library 8:45-1, work WW
  • Friday – FF, workout at home, take L to AC, doctor appointment for me!

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