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Tweaked, not twerking.

on June 20, 2014

103 days til 40!

I survived 2 days of being on track, it feels great! My body….does not feel great! 😛 I’m sore from 4 days of working out and then this morning I tweaked my neck on the strict presses. Ugg…

warm up
Coach’s lead

A-Front Squat, 2 min
3×5 3×3 3×1
75 85 95%  70#, 85#, 95#
B- Strict press, 60sec,
5×3 4×2 – I did 65# twice, then tweaked my neck and went down to 45# for the rest of the workout
C- Tabata 4 rounds each
Cal Row
Wall Ball – 10# wallball
C&J 95/65 – 55# for me

Count each rep for total score.

Today is L’s final day at camp, we are invited to come at 3:30pm for a tour and a presentation. I have my annual doctor’s appointment this morning. I’m not going to be happy about the number on the scale, but it is what it is. After that C and I are hoping to go kayaking once the rain clears out (which it is doing now).

No plans for this weekend which we better enjoy because after that we have things going on.

Enjoy the Friday!


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