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The Lone Ranger (again!)

on June 24, 2014

99 days til 40!

I was the only one at the gym this morning! Boo! The good news is Tracy is changing the hours starting on Monday. She’ll only have one class at 5am, that still works for me. 🙂 She also said this week she won’t be there Thursday or Friday and the same for next week. It’s nice to know ahead of time so I can plan my workouts.

Warm Up
3 Laps BBJ
3 Laps Bear walk


A- Hang Clean N Jerk, 90sec
4×3 5×2
B- 5 Min AMRAP
Chin ups
C- 3 Rounds
10 Box Jump
15/10 HSPU (strict)
20 KBS

The warmup today was painful! My quads are so sore from the wallballs yesterday I can hardly walk down stairs. I did a bit better on my cleans today. She worked with me quite a bit, but I still only got it right 1 out of 3 times. 🙂 Chin ups I used a band of course, but I got over 30 of them done. Round 3 took me under 7 minutes. My handstand pushups still stink, but I definitely worked a lot harder at them today.

My eating is still not on track. I’m not feeling it, plus PMS is here and that makes things all go to hell. Whatever. I’m choosing not to weigh in this week and instead I have to weigh in next week since it’ll be July. Blerg…

I work from 1-5 today and then I’m taking the girls + friends back to the library for a program tonight. My plan is to walk while they are doing that.

Enjoy your Tuesday!


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