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Last day of June!

on June 30, 2014

93 days til 40!

I was happy they changed the gym time to 5am and only ONE class. That means there was 6 of us working out with Tracy this morning!

Warm Up
Row 30Cal
12 Sun Salutations

Mob – seal walk – 3 lengths

shoulder shrugs

A- Front squat, 2 min
3×5 3×5 3×3 (3X5 if possible)
65 75 85%  – 65#, 75#, 85#
B- 3 Rounds
10 Shoulder to OH – I did 65#
15 T2B
200M Sprint

Use a weight that you can do 10 reps of yet till challenging

I finished workout B in 5:50. The last sprint I did go pretty fast (for me!). 😛

Sunday was a DOR. I didn’t do much of anything. We grocery shopped in the early morning. I read my book, played on my tablet, did some cooking and guided the girls as they cooked in the kitchen. I made homemade potato salad and pasta salad. C made Applesauce Oatmeal Muffins and L made homemade yeasted donuts. It took hours, but she did it all by herself! They were pretty good too, I sampled some of the donut holes.

On tap for today….I worked out a FF, then did 15 minutes on the elliptical. I work 8:45-1 and then I rush home to eat lunch and head back into town. L has piano lessons today and C is going to meet with her art mentor, Roberta, to get more info on her basket making. Here are some pics from the weekend.

carly's muffins

making donuts

Lydias donuts


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