My life as a woman, wife and mother.

It’s a new day!

on July 7, 2014

87 days til 40!

Warm up
Row 400m
50 High Knees
50 Butt Kickers

Mob – deep couch stretch

A- Front Squat, 90 sec
3×3 3×3 3×3
70 80 90%
B- 20 Min EMOM
Odd minutes = 5 Deadlift @65%
Even Minutes= 30 DU’s

I took it easy at the gym today. My lower back is sore and I pulled some quad/butt muscle over the weekend. I’m going to call the chiropractor this morning about my back, I’m hoping to get in after work this afternoon.

  • M – FF, work 8:45-1
  • T – FF, workout at home, L to friend’s house til 8pm, work 1-5
  • W – FF, L has piano, work WW from 10:45-1, music at night
  • T – FF, work 8:45-1, set up for garage sale
  • F – FF, garage sale
  • S – FF, garage sale

Enjoy your day!


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