My life as a woman, wife and mother.

Constantly starting over…

on July 16, 2014

on track

I have to get my act together. Eating too many carbs is messing with my body and mind. So, back to being honest today. (again) I’ll keep doing it until it sticks.

Warm up
3 Laps
Bear Walk

Mob- Sampson Stretch 3x :30 each leg

4 Min prep
A- Deadlift, 2min
3×5 3×3 3×1
75 85 95% – 140#, 150#, 165# heavy!
B- For Time
Ring Row
Cal Row
SDHP 85/55

I finished workout B in 19:33! It was a sweaty one that left my arms wore out! I came home and did a 15 minute program on the elliptical and some more stretching. I have laundry going and I picked my first green zucchini this morning and put some in my oats! Yummy and fresh! The girls have to get up soon and get ready for their day. L has piano at 10am and C and I are going to read our book while she’s in there. Then it’s off to work at WW. I will weigh-in, it WILL suck to see the awful number, but I need a starting point (again) and I have to face that my bad choices make that number appear on the scale. Thankfully we’ll have a 3rd receptionist today. Our meeting average around 50 people! It’s getting huge! This afternoon I’m hoping to get in some sort of activity. A walk, bike ride, kayak or badminton. Something. 🙂

Here’s too a good day!


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